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The Story of AKD

The story of AKD started one fine morning when my husband and I were having breakfast and a message popped up on my WhatsApp residential society common group. The message was posted by a resident showcasing the pictures of the books and toys of her son which were not required by him anymore. She offered these items for free to everyone. To our surprise, within 5 minutes, 5 other residents messaged in the group, showing interest and willingness to take the books and toys. And in next 1 hour, most of the items were picked up from her house.

This made us realise 2 major things:

  1. There is a willingness to share the items which are not required anymore for free.

  2. People are open to take items preowned by others.

We started brainstorming on this further and with each discussion we became more sure of the advantages of this idea. We did a quick market research to see if anything like this existed already but nothing was evident. What initially started as an idea for parents, developed into an idea to share items of any age group with anyone. With the phrase Abra Ka Dabra, we usually think of magic and it was first thought keeping children in mind. However, we then realised that everyone loves a bit of magic in their lives irrespective of age.

Here, Abra Ka Dabra stands for the magic of sharing. With AKD, our intent is to provide you a magic wand, to help you give your not-required items and receive something of use. We want to create a peer-to-peer sharing ecosystem where you can give and receive, anything from anyone, for free.


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