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About Us

Thank you for downloading the application and Welcome to Abra Ka Dabra.You are officially a part of our magical family. At Abra Ka Dabra, we believe that a core human principle is sharing. All of us have been taught to share with our siblings, friends, and neighbors from childhood. With Abra Ka Dabra we want to expand this circle to a larger community, allowing you to share anything with anyone.

We often have items we don’t use but are in good condition. Selling them may not be an option for most of us for many reasons. This platform helps us give those items to people who can use them. Similarly, the platform also allows us to request an item from other givers that we need.

At Abra Ka Dabra, we aim to reduce wastage by creating an ecosystem of sharing products in good condition. This helps keep the environment cleaner, saves our personal funds, and spreads joy.

So, Let’s get started and Abra Ka Dabra your first product today!

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