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  • What is Abra Ka Dabra?
    Abra Ka Dabra is a unique online platform to share unwanted items in good condition hassle free with others. Also, you can request items you need in your home from other givers. With Abra Ka Dabra, you can give and receive, anything from anyone, for free.
  • From where can I download the application?
    The application is available on Google Play Store.
  • On which Operating System is the Abra Ka Dabra application available?
    Currently, the application is available on Android (Google Play Store).
  • Do I need to create an account to use the application?
    Yes, you need to create an account to view all the items uploaded in the application to be given.
  • Can I act as a giver and also a receiver?
    Yes, the same user can act as a giver as well as a receiver. For example, if Ravi has an unwanted item in good condition which he wants to give, he can upload an item to the application. This way he becomes a giver. Similarly, while browsing the application, if Ravi sees an uploaded item that he needs, he can immediately click on the item and then request the giver for it. This way he acts as a receiver.
  • Can I add multiple products to give to others?
    Yes, you can add as many products as you want to give. However, we request you to add 1 product per entry so that it is easy for you to keep track of what you have uploaded. It also becomes easy for the receiver to request for the right item. If you upload a bunch of items in one entry, then the receiver might need one item and may not need the other item.
  • Can I request to receive multiple products from any giver?
    Yes, you can receive multiple products from any giver. We recommend and request to limit the total items taken per month to be 5, so that other users also get a chance.
  • What is the basic qualification criteria for the products to be posted on the application to give?
    The products to give should be in good condition. While uploading the product, enter the details as accurately as possible to make it easy for the receiver to request.
  • Is the delivery of products handled by Abra Ka Dabra?
    Currently, the delivery of the products is not handled by Abra Ka Dabra.
  • Where can I provide feedback for the products or givers?
    A feedback form appears post a successful transaction in which both receivers and givers can provide feedback.
  • How can I contact the customer support team of Abra Ka Dabra?
    Please contact the Abra Ka Dabra Team at or +91 9008377913.
  • What are the necessary precautions that need to be taken before receiving or giving products?
    a) You must be the owner of the items and have the right to give the item. b) Make sure the product is sanitised and cleaned before sharing it. c) Meet with the giver or receiver at a public place to avoid any security concerns.
  • Is the application free or are there any charges?
    The application is free for all the users. We have a ‘Pay as you wish’ feature where you can contribute any amount of your choice to support the company for this app.
  • How old can be the uploaded product?
    There is no restriction on the age of the product as long as it is in a good condition.
  • Is there a minimum price value of the uploaded product?
    No, there is no minimum price value.
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