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Experience the Joy of Sharing with

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How does Abra-Ka-Dabra Work?


For Givers:

  1. Upload an item that you would like to give.

  2. The item would be listed on the app for other users to view.

  3. Approve the request from an interested receiver and initiate a chat to arrange for pick-up.

For Receivers

  1. View the list of items uploaded by other givers on the app.

  2. Select an item from the list and send a  request to the giver.

  3. After being approved by the giver, initiate a chat to arrange for pick-up.


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We are live in Bengaluru!

4 Fundamental Pillars of Abra-ka-dabra

How It Works

Joy of Sharing

Abra Ka Dabra aims to inculcate the feeling of "Joy of Sharing" in everyone. Here sharing goes beyond friends and family.

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Save environment

By increasing the reusability of item we focused of reducing carbon footprint, thus saving our beloved mother earth.

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De-clutter Your home

We promote the idea of minimalistic leaving by encouraging everyone to share unused Items with others.


Save money

By purchasing pre-owned items, you can save a significant amount of money compared to buying brand new products.

Always give without remembering and
always receive without forgetting


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Abra-ka-dabra for Free!

Download Abra-ka-dabra today and experience the joy of sharing with your family! Our app is easy to use and promotes a minimalist lifestyle, while also encouraging environmental conservation and community sustainability.

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